"The original concept was to have a night of 'movies that should not be musicals.' I needed a framing device so you could go from one to another without connecting the stories. This led to the modular idea."
"The production will introduce a new structure concept of a “Dynamic Plot,” assuring that no audience will actually see the same story twice. In the show, a director and producer audition the craziest musicals ever conceived in an effort to save their beloved theater from ruin with a sellout show. (Think: Jaws: The Musical as if Meredith Wilson was the composer). The opening and ending numbers are fixed scenes, however the body of the show will be completely malleable with over 50 different “modules” in three parts. Thus, a virtually unlimited permutation of plots can occur. If the audience needs an intermission, they can select that module as well. "
Press Release - Performing Arts Live, February 15, 2022